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Application for SFC Faculty Recruitment 25

ADMIN_MAIL: hagino@sfc.keio.ac.jp

Registration Period: 2016/5/1 (Sun) - 2019/3/31 (Sun) 23:59:59JST

Recruitment Area
X. Fields which combine various researches at SFC
0. Fields not yet represented at SFC
1. International politics; regional studies from the viewpoint of security guarantees
  • (1) Disciplines: international politics, political science, comparative political science, political economics
  • (2) Regions: Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe
  • (3) Issues: terrorism, energy, nuclear nonproliferation, space, technology and security
2. Formation of a symbiotic society and resilient human environment
  • (1) fusion of environmental technology and environmental science, empirical political policy
  • (2) conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • (3) gender, poverty reduction, capacity building
  • (4) climate change, adaptation
  • (5) health, public health
3. Practice of global dynamics and renovation of cities, regions, organizations, and companies
  • (1) growth and degeneration of urban areas and regions
  • (2) spatial economics, economic geography, demography
  • (3) circulation of water, air and material; energy system design
  • (4) strategic organizational behavior theory and career development theory
4. Fostering wellness, happiness and culture
  • (1) sports, wellness, embodied knowledge
  • (2) education, communication
  • (3) artistic expression, musical expression, image expression, media expression, design engineering, entertainment
  • (4) literature, linguistics, psychology, philosophy
  • (5) behavioral economics, experimental economics, neuroeconomics
5. Human resource development for multilingual, multicultural societies
  • (1) Multilingual education (English, German, French, Chinese, etc.)
  • (2) language learning assessment
  • (3) multilingual policy, multicultural policy
  • (4) plurilingual, pluricultural human resource development
6. Fields of science and technology for supporting global society
  • (1) Mathematical sciences: mathematics, data science, financial technology, big data, AI
  • (2) Computer science and digital system: computer architecture, IoT, network system, platform technology, cybersecurity, post-silicon computing
  • (3) Infrastructure for cybersociety: transportation system, 3D map, robotics, drones, sensing, satellite system, energy platform
  • (4) Creation of information culture and society: information cluture, information society, science communication, open data, open technology, information platform
Recruitment Schedule
Recruitment Area Application Schedule Work Start Status
First Recruitment for 2018 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Not yet determined 2018/9 open
Second Recruitment for 2018 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Not yet determined 2019/4 in preparation

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